It saddens me to say that i have come to the decision that it's time for me to close the business down and move on to a new venture thus closing this chapter of my life after almost 10 years in the fishing tackle industry.

There's reasons behind this difficult decision that are my own, one of which is down to a loss of love of fishing and theres only so long that you can put business before other more important things in your life. Its been tiring and at times emotional with a heck of a lot of sweat and the odd tear thrown in for good measure but I would change any if it.

I cannot thank everyone that's been part of the journey from our team by helping out at shows, the lads on the team who have helped push the brand and most importantly to each and every single customer that have supported us i thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart and without your support over the years we wouldn't have lasted this long. So for that I thank each and every single one of you.

The Lead Shed is now closed. The last remaining orders are now being completed and will be shipped in the next couple of days.

If you happen to bump into me on the bank you can guarantee the kettle will be on so bring a cup.

Many Thanks
The Lead Shed Team